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What You Don’t Know About Geometric Shapes

We have all known geometric shapes from a very young age, one of my first memories is playing with my shape sorter toy, pushing the coloured shapes through the wooden box. But there are hidden meanings to each shape, along with cultural and religious symbolic representation too. If I had to say which of the geometric shapes are my favourite, I’d have to go with the triangle. The triangle is one of the most powerful geometric shapes. It is associated with strength and resilience along with spiritual symbolism representing the father, son and holy spirit, past presents and future, mind body and spirit. The downwards triangle represents female energy along with the element water which is associated with purification, healing and peace, where the upwards triangle has masculine energy and the element fire, that represents courage, strength and passion. No matter what triangles shaped piece of jewellery you go for you will be sending a strong message. I was always drawn to triangles, I think it’s because of the angles created by the different types of triangle but then I looked into the symbolic meaning and I think it’s because I would consider myself a strong minded, passionate person so maybe that’s the reason why I’ve always liked them. If I had to give an emotion towards triangular pieces of jewellery when I wear them is empowerment. 

Without saying a word you can create influence and make a particular impression by knowing your shapes and what they say about you. Like if you want to imply stability or structure you should wear a square piece of jewellery. The square is often symbolic to the material world. Phythogoras associated the number 4 with the square and many cultures associate 4 with material things. A closed space is linked to a square and it symbolises security and balance.  Have you ever noticed it’s always a square in a city or town, that is used as a meeting place as it can be associated with a safe place and symbolises community. I would definitely consider a square piece of jewellery, if you were going to a business meeting or an interview you will send off the right impression straight away 

The circle, said to be the most perfect of geometric shapes, embodies compassion,infinity and unity. Many cultures have different philosophies on the circle, In the Zen Buddhists religion, the circle stands for enlightenment and perfection. In Chinese symbology, the circle represents the heavens. The circle is one of the oldest of geometric shapes and is seen throughout history symbolizing protection and balance. When you see a circle it is said to bring calmness.

All geometric shapes are used in jewellery design, these simplistic shapes can create an eye -catching design without having to use texture or negative spaces.  

I have always thought that your jewellery really finished an outfit off and can say alot about a person. I myself would like to keep it on the minimal side during the day, with soft textures and small shapes such as circles or ovals, but when I want to make a statement or fell fierce , I wear bold pieces with large shapes like triangles or squares

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