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limited edition
Limited Edition

old treasure turned into new

1920's-1960's old Irish penny 1d Pingin

The origin and the history behind coins have always fascinated me. I would think to myself, how many hands it has passed through and imagine the journey it has taken till now. I love to give them a new purpose and lease of life, now as a piece of jewellery to be cherished and loved. Just to give you a bit of history about the coins, in 1928 after years of planning by W.B Yeats and a committee rolled out the first Irish coins. The coins had a harp on one side and an animal on the other from pigs to hares. There were pounds, shillings and pence and there were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shilling in a pound. On the 15th of February 1971 was known as decimal day when they switched to decimal officially even though the five, ten and fifty pence coins had already been in circulation since 1969 and 1970. Some of the coins had ornamental birds on them such as the half penny and the penny but in 1985 the half penny was discontinued and in 1986 the twenty pence was introduced. The punt was rolled out in 1990 until all coins were discontinued when the euro was introduced in 2002. These coin jewellery pieces are not just great for coin lovers but will also suit animal lovers too. I have a thing for Elephants and when I found a Belgian Congo coin with a design of an Elephant, I just couldn't resist. These little treasures can be made even more special by choosing a date that is significant to you or your family, making these great as a gift.

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Here are coins that I have brought back to life by turning them into much loved pieces of jewellery. Not only are these great for coin lovers but also for animal lovers too as they depict a range of animals on them from Pigs to Hares.  Specific dates can be picked to add another special element to the piece.

Limited Edition

Coins Turned Into Treasure